How many SUVs does Ford make?

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Ronald Johnson
Ronald JohnsonLicensed Agent

Posted on Jan 26, 2023

Ford manufactures a variety of SUVs, including the Ford Escape, Ford Explorer, Ford Expedition, and Ford Edge. These SUVs are popular among consumers for their versatility and spaciousness.

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    A Ford Expedition can be classified as both a truck and an SUV. While it has many similarities to trucks, such as its size and off-road capabilities, it also has features that are more commonly associated with SUVs, such as a higher seating position and better visibility. Ultimately, it depends on t

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  • Is a Ford Escape an SUV or a crossover?

    A crossover is a vehicle that blurs the lines between a sedan and an SUV. They typically have a more car-like feel to them, with better fuel economy and handling. A Ford Escape is technically a crossover, though it is often marketed and thought of as an SUV.

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  • Is a Ford Escape a full-size SUV?

    Yes, a Ford Escape is a full-size SUV. It is larger and has more cargo space than a Ford Focus or Ford Fiesta. The Ford Escape is a great choice for families or anyone who needs a lot of space.

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