How do I put a Lincoln MKX in neutral with a dead battery?

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Helen Brode
Helen BrodeFinance and Insurance Writer

Posted on Jan 24, 2023

If your Lincoln MKX has a dead battery, you will need to put it in neutral in order to push it. To do this, open the driver's side door and locate the gear shift. You will see a small gear shift lever located on the floor. Push this lever up and to the left in order to put the car in neutral. Then, you can push the car to a nearby gas station or service center.

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    1. If your Lincoln MKZ has a dead battery, you can't put it in neutral.2. You need to jump start the car to put it in neutral.3. Once the car is in neutral, you can push it to a nearby service station.4. At the service station, you can have the car towed or jump started.

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