How do I Connect to the Bluetooth in a BMW 335I?

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Christina Miller
Christina MillerAuto Insurance Analyst

Posted on Jan 13, 2023

1. To connect to the Bluetooth in a BMW 335I, you will need to have the car's owner's manual. The manual will provide you with instructions on how to pair your device with the car.

2. Once you have the owner's manual, you will need to find the section on Bluetooth. The instructions will tell you how to turn on the Bluetooth and pair your device.

3. Make sure your device is turned on and search for Bluetooth devices. The car's Bluetooth will appear as "BMW 335I."

4. Select the car's Bluetooth and enter the passcode, which will be provided in the owner's manual.

5. Once you have entered the passcode, your device will be connected to the car's Bluetooth. You can now use the car's audio system to play music, make calls, and more.

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