Do Ford Performance parts void the warranty?

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Cathey Brown
Cathey BrownPublished Insurance Expert

Posted on Feb 27, 2023

No, Ford Performance parts do not void the warranty. Ford Performance parts are engineered and tested to meet the same standards as the parts they replace, meaning they will not cause any damage or reduced performance when installed as directed. In fact, many Ford Performance parts even offer improved performance and value over the stock parts they replace.

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    1. Yes, Ford warranties typically transfer to new owners.2. However, there are a few exceptions so it is always best to check with the dealer.3. In most cases, the warranty will be valid for the remainder of the original term or for a certain number of years/miles, whichever comes first.4. If you ar

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  • Are shocks covered under the warranty from Ford?

    Shocks are not covered under the warranty from Ford. However, shocks may be covered under the warranty from the shock manufacturer. It is best to check with the shock manufacturer to see if their warranty covers shocks.

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  • Are brake pads covered under the Ford warranty?

    1. It depends on the brake pads and the warranty.2. Generally, brake pads are not covered under the warranty.3. However, some brake pad manufacturers do have a warranty.4. So, it is best to check with the brake pad manufacturer.

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