Do driving instructors get drug tested?

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Teresa Lange
Teresa LangeCar Insurance Expert

Posted on Jan 20, 2023

Yes, most driving instructors get drug tested. This is because they are in a position of trust and are responsible for teaching people how to drive. Driving instructors are also required to have a clean driving record, so drug testing is one way to ensure this.

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  • Do they drug test before a driving test?

    1. Yes, they do drug test before a driving test.2. The purpose of the drug test is to ensure that the driver is not under the influence of drugs while driving.3. Drivers who are under the influence of drugs are a danger to themselves and to others on the road.4. The drug test is a simple, quick test

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  • How many mistakes are allowed on a driving test in Oregon?

    In Oregon, the number of mistakes allowed on a driving test is three. If you make more than three mistakes, you will not be allowed to pass the test. It is important to be careful when driving and to avoid making any mistakes.

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  • How can you get a hardship license in California?

    In California, a hardship license may be available to drivers who have had their license suspended or revoked. To be eligible for a hardship license, you must demonstrate that you need to drive for work, school, or medical reasons. You must also show that you have made a good faith effort to meet yo

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